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Well. Indeed I must say it is Scourge. He was a very concept of the story-line in the Darkest Hour. He showed much different from much other Juveniles, traitors, and murderers. He seemed calm. Even when the spark of battle was in a "get set, ready, go"  type of style. He was also contempt on revenge. Not most, but some villians hold. The idea of having a small tom as a murderous cat-killer seemed much different than other story plots. In the book. The Darkest Hour. It quotes that when Firestar sees Bone he possibly believes this tom is Bloodclan's leader. For his size, and muscular tone. But as he sees that it is Scourge. He is rather surprised. That is my favourite Villian. Who is yours?


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I'd have to say Scourge too. It's all because of Tigerstar that he turned out like that! What I wonder is where he went after he died. He was never mentioned in the Dark Forest, annd he would certainly never be in StarClan. Where did he go?



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